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The whole site has been remodeled from scratch, for safety reasons: no more Forums or memberlist. Now everyone can come and enjoy without having to remember a password. The site is more fluid, no more flash or dance, but if you want a little song, simply hum "dream a little dream... "

Updates and news

[older news at the bottom of the page]

Old Java Games will be put back as soon as they are checked (getting all my images and hyperlinks correctly) and a few more will be added over time. You need to have Java installed to play (but not necessarily the latest version - I never installed Java 7).
September 2014:
Calendars and Planner 2015 are done. Theme of the year for the Calendars: "Episodes".

Stationeries are back again, new ones made from scratch.

Board Games and
Card Games to print;
everything included
except dice
(when needed).

Clue Classic
Clue Jr.
Goose Game
Labyrinth Game
Pinochle Card Decks
Snakes & Ladders
Standard Card Decks
Tarot Deck

Battleship 10 x 10
Battleship 16 x 16
Concentration Plus
Jigsaw Puzzles
John's Golf Course
Rock Paper Scissors
SameGame Basic 3
SameGame Far 4
SameGame Pro 5
Score Four
Turn & Swap Puzzles

Actors in Makeup
Characters Gallery
Fan Art
Planets and Locations
Screen Captures
Vehicles & Transports
Wallpapers - Kisses
Wallpapers - Misc.

Bookmarks - Char.
Bookmarks - Ep.
Christmas Cut-outs
Decorative Balls
Gift Cards
Gift Tags

Illustrated Lexicon
Reviews 'N Ponderings

Coming Soon
New version with
no D'Argo this time
Put 5 in a row to delete them
Chinese Solitaire tile Game
Pk's Peg Game
Chinese Checkers
Scorpius Says
A clone of
"Simon Says"
Slide-Line Puzzles
The whole vertical or
horiz. line moves
Slide Puzzles
A clone of
16 tiles Slide Puzzle
Slot Machine
No money involved
Species & Races
Image Gallery
Dice Game with Poker
as a distant origin

Older news and updates

August 2014

  • I've been working on the Farscape 2015 Calendars for a few months now. They'll be ready in time.
  • The Avatars have been totally revamped, the old ones are no longer available.

April/May 2014

  • The Makeup Gallery has been updated with 180 characters instead of 60, including those of the mini PKW.
  • The SameGame Basic 3 has been moved to the mother host because the free host was unreliable.

March 2014

  • The Character Gallery is now online, with all charachers from all eps. including the mini PKW.

February 2014:

  • Score Four is a clone of the board game, with Farscape character tiles. It's a 4 tiles to win tic-tac-toe game, with vertical levels, which means you have to have one tile on the bottom if you want to put one on the second level. Tricky but loads of fun. You play John agains the computer, Scorpius.

January 2014:

  • Bejooled is a clone of Bejeweled, with Farscape character tiles.

  • Turn & Swap Puzzles is a 16 tile puzzle with what the title meant: turning and swapping tiles, even those non adjacent. Given with 16 different images and the complete image to help you put the tiles in place.

  • After a few glitches, Postcard Wishes are back online.

December 2013:

  • Concentration Plus is back online. Sixteen images to match up by pairs, with a timer to put a little pressure.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles have been revamped for the Holidays, with 22 Characters AND 22 Episodes each in 3x3 and 4x4 format. Also, a "how to" has been added on the puzzles Table of Content for beginners. Placement of tiles isn't hard, because you get the full image to work with, in real size, AND there's no timer. Furthermore, the interlock feature snaps the tile in place as soon as it nears the target zone.

UPDATED November 2013:

  • SameGame Basic 3 has been moved to another free host, because of its popularity. Please change your bookmark accordingly.

UPDATED October 2013:

  • SameGame Basic 3 has been revamped as I was doing SameGame Far4 and SameGame Pro5. Those are now online too, with Characters and Episodes to choose from for each. The difference between games is the number of different images; the more the harder to get 3 and more connected. Images have been enhanced, cleaned and most of them changed, even for those where Characters and Episodes were the same. I've also added a chart of clicks: how much points each group will give you. It might help for strategy, clicking on small numbered groups to get big clusters really pays off.

  • John's Golf Course is a Flash MiniPutt with 5 holes. For once, I haven't snurched this game. I t was available to put on websites as long as I keep the link to the mother site which host a longer version of the game and a sfi-fi/fantasy inspired sequel.

UPDATED September 2013:

  • SameGame Basic 3 is now online. Choose between tilesets from Crew, Episodes, Characters and a few others to group 3 identical tiles and get them off the game.

    I'm working on 2, no, 3 more games that were not on site when I remodeled it: Jumplines, Bejooled and Score Four. The first is about making rows of 5 tiles; the second is like the well known online game Bejeweled, with Farscape characters, and the third is Score Four, a vertical Tic-Tac-Toe in which you have to align 4 tiles vertically, horizontally or diagonally, in vertical slots.

    Mahjong was removed because of some technical glitches. It will be "repaired" or replaced.

UPDATED June 2013:

  • 2014 Planners are now online. A few more languages than the previous years, they were chosen by the subtitles on the DVDs. I might have missed some... and some didn't work so well. Here is the list of countries for 2014 in alphabetical order: Bosnia; Brazil; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Danmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain; Greece; Hungaria; Italy; Nederlands; Poland; Roumania; Russia; Serbia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; USA.
    2012 Planners are gone to make room.

UPDATED Mid-May 2013:

  • 2014 Calendars are already online. Yeah, it's early... but isn't Farscape always on your mind too?

UPDATED April 2013 :

  • Tic-Tac-Toe with EIGHT pairs to choose from. It's Aeryn VS Crais, D'argo VS Macton, John VS Harvey and so on.

UPDATED March 2013:

  • Jigsaw Puzzles in 3x3, 4x4 and so on up to 8x8 puzzles, with many characters to choose from in each category.

NEW Feb. 2013:

  • 1140 Sudokus ready to print and play. 3 different difficulties.
  • Technology Galleries with the number of the episode for each image. Also included, natural or artificial phenomenas not known on Earth.
  • All pages of the site have been checked for continuity, with picture titles and an e-mail link.

UPDATED Feb. 2013:

  • Postcards are back, 16 different themes and easy left column navigation in each one.
  • Java Battleship game with a 10 x 10 grid for the beginners and also a Battleship game with a 16 x 16 grid for the experts.
  • Mahjongg with Farscape characters tiles. Match 2 free tiles until there are none.
  • Rock Paper Scissors Since none of us has a double as John, play against the computer.

UPDATED Jan. 2013: Labyrinth Game" got all character versions back, like it was first online in 2008. You get: Aeryn, Chiana, Crichton, Scorpius, Sikozu, Stark and Zhaan.

NEW Jan. 2013:

  • "Weapons' Gallery" in alphabetical order, with left column navigation on all pages.
  • "2013 Planners" in both European (starts Monday) and American format (starts Sunday) in both English and French; 20 to choose from on each page; Furthermore, 20 planners have been made in German, Greek, Italian, Roumanian, Russian and Spanish. Most 2012 Planners are still available.

New Sept. 2012: After a month offline, we're back without the PHP interactive components. No more Forum or password to remember. The background is not back to its older dark blue self as was intended because there are now about 900 fanfics on the site. Most readers do prefer to read dark text on light background, so the sandy off-white background has been kept. Note that, technically, it was NOT a choice at the time. "Sand dunes" was the only "theme" that was working on the second PHP site.

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